The importance of being a being…new inquiry ;)…

I have been gently reminded of my heart wish, a wish that is connected through vibration, sound, reverberating throughout the universes and galaxies……………………….loosing direction can be overwhelming at times if one has lost faith in the unknown, but it is through the unknown that the known can emerge.

What is it that creates deep core beliefs………..psychology suggest that beliefs formed in early traumatic childhoods can result into negative associations of a self……….how are these beliefs formed? and how do we internalise them?  How can we use imagery and sound to transform, reinvent the inner visual and auditory language?  Is it possible to use studio practice as an inquiry into how to change core beliefs from subjugatory experience to empowering experience?  Change beliefs about spiritual capacity, being…..what/how connects any sentient being to the presence of their own beingness?  How do we get ourselves into states of being (the zone, samadhi) and how do we induce beingness in other as a studio practice?  is this what Turrell tries to achieve with his artworks?  How important is being to the community….what are the benefits to the self and the society?

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