What a bomb this COVID 19 has been.  I don’t know about anyone else, i can only speak for myself………………………i am here within all the fear and anxiety of a pandemic, conspiracy theories rattle around to try and make sense of what is happening globally to all of us.  My fear dissolves and arises and i am left with the task of finding the essence of my studio practice.  I am expressing my emotions through music and a community of online music makers (thank you goodness for them).

Over the coming weeks the practice will emerge.  I can remember another artist continually asking me to have faith in the work and so here i am, holding on, sometimes a little too tightly.  The only place i know is safe emotionally in this unknown we now find ourselves in is to continue to listen.

By engaging fully into listening where and when i can, the work will gently emerge, finding its legs again!!!  So for now, i will allow myself to float in cyberspace along with following instructions, so as to maintain some form of structure….fingers crossed :))))


This morning: 4.30 am, i sat for a time, listening to the birds, connecting with sensations in my body, trying to come home.  I also read the prologue from the book One Square Inch Of Silence by Gordon Hempton in an attempt to make friends with my own voice.

I was rewarded for listening with a poem:

Beyond focusing on educational delivery models, faculty should prioritize the essential truths they want students to learn (opin

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