What is the work doing? Now!

The work in the way it once was heard has changed….The solidity of the sculptural space within the studio and workshops has radically altered the works voice and how it can adapt to the current changes.


There is still a domestic, physicality to the work.  However, the cyber domain has provided the work with an agreement.  Instruction No.1

To mix contemporary cultures current playfulness & knowledge sharing platforms such as Instagram; to learn how to make an ambient album complete with soundscapes from listening practices, walks and personal synthetic compositions.

  • Continue Listening practices as core practice………. The curtain video Series: Youtube
  • Walks: Sound gathering….listening/movement.  Listening to the world as a way to understand and think through making.
  • Instagram……The synthetic sound making along with videos made from a variety of mobile apps (shhhhhh….), have been developing for some time now and were considered at the time for me, something of a misnomer….However, it appears that i enjoy play as a method of learning something new and the videos and sounds bites have been developing and are now in collaboration with contemporary music maker @agentjohnnyred who will guide through collaboration, the field of learning the ‘How’ contemporary culture makes music/scapes.


These will be presented with an embroidered structure to enhance the heart of listening.

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