Space Time Travellers Series: ArtBanquet online Opening Exhibition.

The work has entered the digital domain due to the restriction of C19. The work of listening and making has had to diversify the practice. Technology is a vital aspect to listening.  However, rapid consumption of electronic devices and their stimulus on our consciousness has compromised our ability to appreciate listening.  A conscious awareness of listening is now crucial to wellbeing within the current, geopolitical landscape we now find ourselves adapting to.

Adaptation and diversity are two driving forces within the natural biosphere.  We are being invited to advance with the rise of A.I technologies and the new enforced, global, digital environment.  My listening practice developed a physical relationship with the listeners body and the body of sound through interactive sculptures.  Because of the global pandemic, the work is now adapting and diversifying its method of delivering listening to a virtual audience. The listening practice now attempts to point towards contemplation of individualisation, through silent, moving images, a kind of listening with our eyes, a visual feast.  Through collage, print, photography and video, these silent movies become objects to observe time and space, illuminating the observer mind within.

Space Time Travellers: The Rising Light, 2020 (Visual Silent/Listening Digital Moving Image).

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