Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist who works with sound and sculptural space.  I have always had an attraction towards the otherworldly and spiritual.   E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Star Wars fuelled my imagination as a child.  The theme of alienation resonated deeply, sparking a life-long obsession to understand the self and consciousness.

I make large scale, wooden, aluminium, steel microphones, sound objects, and sonic installations.   The work explores and documents a personal process of listening to the landscape around me.   I am curious about how an awareness of, and sustained practice of listening, can transform consciousness through receptive insight.

My sound installations have evolved through experimentation in listening to found sounds and field recordings, resulting in natural and synthetic soundscapes delivered to an audience in the form of interactive sculptures and spaces to inhabit.  The sculptures bring about a heightened awareness of the listener’s body, signposting toward an interdependent relationship between the material and immaterial, the ordinary and otherworldly.

The practice, and emerging work, consistently seeks an autonomous space in which to explore and learn from the made objects, believing that the work’s voice reveals and illuminates the mind of its maker and audience, something new, unknown, or other.  Listening through the objects and field recordings is key to my experimental style and is, as Pauline Oliveros suggests, a process that “continues throughout one’s lifetime”.